To the Ends of the World – Caleb (2011, To the Ends of the World)

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This final post for January reiterates an unintentional strong theme of love…and yet I feel like I’m a month early for some reason.  No matter.  Thinking and singing about the love of God should never get old or wear out.  Today’s song is specifically designed to remind us all that God’s love not only never gets old, it also never tires and never hides.

Caleb is another new(ish) up-and-coming Christian band that we should see rising high throughout this year.  They only have one EP to their name (that I could dig up), but it is an absolute gem.  The real value from this collection of three young artists is their ability to tell a story from real life.

Two of the members of the band are both sons of the famous Christian singer, Steven Curtis Chapman.  Most of us remember hearing about the tragic incident a few years ago when Steven’s daughter, Maria, was suddenly killed at a young age.  Imagine the horror of losing your sibling while you were all still kids and then just a few short years later being mature enough to express an honest and balanced response that includes elevating God’s love.

That is what this album and particularly this song is all about.  Listen:

You run, you run as far as you can run from love, you run,                                                 you fight, you fight love like a champion fights,                                                                  you run and you fight, to the ends of the world,

I run, I run as fast as I can run to love, I run,                                                                           I fight for you, I fight until I die for you, still you can’t escape My heart,                                cause My heart runs to the ends of the world,

and your heart is broken, you try to run and yet you hardly stand,                                    and your knees are shaking,                                                                                              your stride is breaking like you’re running in the sand,                                                        and your pace is slowing, and your eyes they see no end,                                               when I have you in My arms, and I feel you in My arms,                                                  you’ll know where Love begins, to the ends of the world,

you can’t escape My love,                                                                                                       I’ll fight for you, I’ll fight until I die for you,                                                                              still you can’t escape My heart.

The image that I glean from this powerful tune is the picture of the prodigal son’s father watching for and running to meet his lost heir.  We all need this image burned into our mind’s, especially for those times when we easily forget about these things.  God’s love is theologically super and superior to everything else, and we can go on and on about how immeasurable and awesome it is.  But, sometimes we just need to imagine the look in His eyes as He cherishes us.  The laughter in His voice as He enjoys us.  The smile brimming across His face as He feels intimately drawn towards us.  And those arms…outstretched and aching to be wrapped around you.

For God, love is full and personal and more emotional than we could or would dare to guess.  He is the originator of compassion and the author of affection.  He mastered love within His triune nature before we were ever created or dreamed about, so He obviously knows all about how to love someone.

Zephaniah 3:17 says, “For the Lord your God is living among you.  He is a mighty savior.  He will take delight in you with gladness.  With his love, he will calm all your fears.  He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”

And yet, we are caught in this tumultuous life on a broken planet where our nature and our environment constantly distract us from and distorts our ability to see this pure love that God has for us.  We run away from Him…or at least we try.  We get tired of running…but He never does.  He fights so hard (even to death and back!) to have access to us and our hearts so that He can put His love into it and never leave us alone.

Whatever you are grieving…He knows and He cares deeply.  Whatever you are angry about…He understands and He is waiting to offer peace.  Wherever you choose to go…He is waiting there for you to come to Him.  He is even waiting for you with unmatched love…at the ends of the world.

P.S. Here is a far better review of Caleb and their EP from Andrew Peterson, who will be touring together this spring, I believe.

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