A Last Time for Everything – Ben Shive (2011, The Cymbal Crashing Clouds)

Click on image to listen to song for free.

Today, we pause from our Christmas theme to honor the victims of today’s tragedy at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.  27 people (20 of which were young children) were shot and killed this morning.

The link above takes you to a song that was posted in The Rabbit Room for the same reason that I’m posting it here.  The truth in this tune, by a great artist named Ben Shive, is simple: tragedies like today’s won’t last forever.  There will be a sweet exhale and liberating end to all pain and suffering…for those who have found the mercy of God through Christ.  Revelation 21:4 reminds us of this promised truth.

Today, so many people will ask, “How?” or “Why?”.  We will try to find the good in what has happened or where the blame should be put.  Our hearts will cry out for vengeance. But I believe fellow blogger, Jen Wilkin, gives us a proper perspective here.

Christmas is a hard time for this tragedy to take place.  And yet it is a perfect theological fit.  Christ came to earth because we were too sinful and broken to take care of ourselves.  What the incarnation accomplished was real answers and real victory for those of us who see sin and Satan as the real culprits in today’s events.  “Peace on earth and good will towards men…” – BECAUSE God miraculously came to us as a babe and defeated sin and death forever!  Now, we simply wait for Him to culminate that “Silent Night” on the Last Day!

My purpose in posting tonight is to offer Ben’s beautiful reminder through melody and words that although we hurt deeply (none more deeply than the families of the victims, of course), tomorrow we will cling tightly to the shoestring hope that these awful things too shall pass.  Come, Lord Jesus!  May it the be the last time for days like today.



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