Stand/Great Love – Flyleaf (2012, New Horizons)

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Yes, this is a politically charged blog entry, but not quite like what you and I have been used to hearing lately (I hope).  Today I intend to literally “Rock the Vote” in a very unusual way and I am calling on the help of the Christian electric-guitar-style megaphone that is Flyleaf.

Flyleaf is not a “Christian band”, but a hard rock/metal band who are all Christians and their faith comes out clearly and honestly in their songs (As leader singer, Lacey Sturm, famously clarified in 2010).  They have done well over the last twelve years or so in terms of grabbing a lot of public attention while trumpeting a very Christian message in their music (i.e., POD, etc.).  They just released a brand new album last week that we are showcasing today.

But what does all of this have to do with politics and voting this week?  And how is this a double feature blog entry?  Well, because we are going to talk about TWO songs from the new album that both have bearing on the election tomorrow.  First up is a song that highlights one of the most important issues of this election season: life.  “Stand” (song # 9 on the album when you click the link) delivers a clear and powerful reminder that we need to fight for the rights of the unborn:

Find there’s no need to hide
the time has come to stand and fight, save the world
and save that girl from enemies unseen
our hands will bleed for children unborn
the mornings come and rumors are
the hope that lasts within our grasp
if we muster up the strength to grab it…                                                                          Stand
face the world with open hands and tears
and these tired body’s spirit perseveres
remembering these wounds will heal
you are not alone in this
how long did You bleed for us

A strong, but sensitive battle cry to come alongside both the children lost as well as the mothers who live in regret and fear from what they have had to endure through their choices.  That last line I quoted hits hard, reminding us that Jesus suffered on our behalf and stood in the gap for us when our lives were hanging in the balance.

Let this message be an impactful factor on our voting choices on Tuesday.  Remember as you look down your ballot that only God is the true Author of life.  We should never put that decision or “choice” in another person’s hands – especially when the millions of little lives at stake are helpless to defend themselves.  Voting pro-life is infinitely more important than border policies and tax breaks.  Stand up for life this Tuesday!

And now our bonus feature of the day!  “Great Love” (song # 5 on the album when you click the same link as above)  would have been my song of the day even if this was not an election week.  However, it all ties together in a very important way that we all need to hear.  First the song, then I’ll explain it’s connection to politics.

Great love setting the world on fire
I am in awe of who You are
And it’s Your love I’m living for

Can’t you feel I’m drawing near the place that broke your heart
Cut up and scarred the dawn is breaking My body’s shaking
Oh, the secret memories you keep, ignoring the soul that you can sleep
I’m facing what you won’t tonight, the dawn is breaking, My body’s shaking

Great love setting the world on fire
I am in awe of who You are
And it’s Your love I’m living for
Great love filling me up inside
You are the one I’m looking for
And I am Yours forevermore

There I was awaiting death for you, and all I did was love you too
I’m facing what you won’t tonight, the dawn is breaking, My body’s shaking
There I was awaiting death for you, and all I did was love you too

This song is primarily about Christ’s sacrificial love for us on the cross.  The lyrics beautifully alternate between a worship chorus of declaring His great love for us and Christ’s own words of describing what it might have been like for Him to hang on that cross – thinking of you and me.  Very few voices cry out with as much volume and emotion adoringly declaring such a central and powerful truth for the believer in the one true Gospel song: “Great Love!”  Read John 15:12-17 as a great reminder of His love for us and His commandment to us to love others like He does.

Now, politically speaking, I am greatly ministered to by this song today for a very important reason – election season tempts me to lose my “be Christ’s love to others” attitude.  Over the last several weeks and months, we have been barraged by spite-filled media: yard signs, bumper stickers, tv ads, robot phone calls, flyers in our mail, news media, debates, and on and on the list goes.  The air is thick with bickering, malice, accusations, slandering, falsehoods, childish posturing, and undignified verbal attacks.  What we ingest from the media is spewed back out into our relationships with family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.  Relationships that will continue after Tuesday’s voting, no matter what the outcome.

What we all need is to be reminded of the great love that Christ offers to us at the highest price, so that we are now able to cross EVERY political boundary and offer that same love to our fellow countrymen and women.  Vote your biblical morals tomorrow, then go extend your hand to the people on the other side of the issues that need to see Christ in us.  Crucify the immature, outlandish way that we have been speaking to each other over politicians and propositions without disregarding a stand for truth and God’s Word.  Let us cleanse ourselves of the shame of human politics, while we perform our civic and Christian duties as voters.

So remember this tomorrow: “Stand” for life and the issues that matter most to God; then offer “Great Love” to the people around you – especially thinking of how Christ suffered greatly in His love offer to you and me.  There is truth in tunes my friends.  Lets listen up and live it out this week!

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