Struggle – Six Feet Deep (1994, Struggle)

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Today’s entry is in a unique class of music and I hope you read my comments before listening.  As a blogger, it is hard for me to know my audience, since I can’t see you or predict who will come here.  Nevertheless, it is my conviction that God can be worshiped through any style of music.  The sound never dictates the worthiness.

Having said all of that, some of you will probably not enjoy this song.  My challenge to all my readers today is to embrace the message,whether you choose to “hear” it or not.

Six Feet Deep was a Christian hardcore band from the mid to late 90’s that hailed from Cleveland, Ohio.  In fact, most Christian hardcore bands (Unashamed, Strong Arm, Focused, etc.) were in existence right around that time and the scene was one of the most intensely authentic and raw atmospheres that I have ever witnessed.  It paired very well with my life’s journey as I was a young college guy seeking God’s calling on my life during those years.  And just like many other college experiences, I was greatly influenced and greatly propelled forward in my walk with Christ during that brief, but intense time.

Six Feet Deep had a lot to do with that and I still hold many of their songs as daily anthems to the battle of living for Jesus in every way.  Their sound is loud, guttural, hard-edged, and in your face.  Their lyrics are pure gold.  I want the entire song to hit you like a bulldozer (metaphorically speaking, of course), so breathe deep and brace yourself:

This world is grinding me down. The faith I’ve got seems so thin.
I know exactly how I want to live, but I crumble so fast.  There’s no discipline!
My weakness is my downfall, but I only got myself to blame.
So two-faced and hypocritical, am I worthy to bear Your name.
This Struggle I embrace. Strength to run the human race.
Christ is worth twice the pain of life against the grain.
Forgetting what is behind, we press on toward the goal.
Striving for what’s ahead, we take hold of this Struggle.
I think about how He suffered. And how His sweat was like drops of blood.
Then I see how quickly I’m broken, and how fast I lose my faith in the flood
of dissipation, temptation, frustration, I fall on my knees.
This pitiful celebration of self, its got to cease!
how many times have I walked this ground with repentance on my lips.
God how long will You strive with my selfishness?
how many times have I turned my back to fill my heart with nothing
Father, You never forsake me, You gave Your life, I’ll do the same.
We Struggle on!
FORGET – what is behind.
PRESS ON – toward the goal.
STRIVE – for what’s ahead.
We take hold – OF THIS Struggle!
The pride and the greed, the selfish sense of need,
the anger unjustified, and self-righteous conceit.
The pitiful self-indulgence, the lack of self-control,
the self centered motives, and the trip of the ego.
It’s time to rise, confront, and crucify.
It’s time I start to live, it’s time “I” finally died.                                                                     See, self is the thing, you’ve got to kill for the King,
there ain’t room for the two within you. That’s the truth.
Day in, day out, the sun rises and sets.
Pages turn in this life of ours, and we can’t count the regrets.
Given free will to chose the path of Life, or to wallow in our failure.
From this point we’ll Struggle on,
and never take our eyes from the Father.

Besides some of the ancient hymns, I have been hard-pressed to find Christian lyrics that even come close to matching these.  AND, the intensity of the music (especially the yelling) provide a one of a kind worship experience that penetrates our stone hearts.

So many times we sit in church like zombies and don’t even know what is coming out of our mouths while we sing.  We are numb!  Maybe you are not like this, but I know that I need a wake up call everyone now and then.  This is it for me!  It’s Monday morning, life is hard, and my spiritual espresso is Six Feet Deep.  Christ calls us above and beyond the mundane and monotonous.  If you need your heart stirred and your cage rattled in order get your focus back on Christ, then perhaps this song is for you.  Regardless of the sound, I believe we all need this message which reminds us of what Paul said to the church in Philippi:

“But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

There are so many great truths in this song that we could dwell on: the importance of death to self, the balance of contrition and resting in grace, the centrality of humility, and on and on.  But let the main point always be as the chorus declares: WE TAKE HOLD OF THIS STRUGGLE.  That is what the sentiment of Christian hardcore was always about – taking hold.  Let every fiber in your being embrace the struggle of the Christian life that awaits you today.  No matter what your music style is, be a hardcore Christian everyday!

And, if you feel like it, spike your hair, listen to Six Feet Deep and put your wallet on a chain. 🙂


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