Heaven Breaks – Sleeping At Last (2006, Keep No Score)

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Sleeping At Last is one of those “covert” Christian groups.  Meaning, they come from a good spiritual background and set of beliefs, but they don’t play on a Christian label and they don’t have alter calls at their shows.  In fact, this group has a decent secular following after having songs featured on hit TV shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Bones”, and “Private Practice”, as well as a soundtrack in the movie “Twilight.”

However you may choose to judge that kind of faith in music, there is no denying the gift that has been given in the song, “Heaven Breaks.”  It is another song about the second coming of Christ and the kingdom of Heaven waiting for us in eternity.

The approach lyrically is about coming from the familiar feeling of trying to fix the problems of life and hurting because we don’t seem to measure up to or fit in this world.  The song musically crescendo’s quickly to a picture of Heaven being an event where all stereotypes and expectations shatter as “Heaven’s floor breaks” through the pretense of earthly life in order to meet the earth and rescue us.  Take a look at a few lines:

We’ll pray for Heaven’s floor to break,
Pour the brightest white on blackest space,
Come bleeding gloriously through
The clouds and the blue.
Forcing one place from two,
Killing formulaic views,
Only love proves to be the truth.
When heaven meets the earth,
We will have no use for numbers
To measure who are and what we’re worth.

That line, “forcing one place from two” reminds me so vividly of how Heaven is going to reclaim and recreate what God originally meant to be perfect and perfectly happy.  So often, we think of Heaven as being an escape from a dying world and going away to a “cloud 9” paradise that looks nothing like Earth.  Instead, he ought to envision the floor of Heaven breaking down the from skies and releasing all of that love, salvation, and rebirth that Christ claimed for us on the cross!  For it is not that God made a mistake the first time around; rather it is that God allowed us see this place and what it would be like apart from Him in it when humanity first rebelled and sinned again Him.

Because of that freedom, we are now also freely able to choose the resurrection and recreation of what God has always ordained to exist: a harmonious, holy place where we are not measured my earthly, prideful standards – but by the overflowing, equally-dispersed grace of God in Christ.  Read Revelation 21:1-8 and let God remind you, once again, that He plans to reclaim all of the beauty of His original creation AND add to it His abundant mercy and love that the Gospel of Jesus affords for those who believe.

When we think about the sorrow and pain of this life and how heavy it feels sometimes, may we join the closing refrain of the song and pray that “our bodies will be light…and our heavy hearts untie…for You.”  And may Heaven “break” soon!

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