The Longing – All Sons & Daughters (2012, The Longing EP)

Click on image to listen to song for free (includes entire EP)

It is the desire of this blog every now and then to pick a popular, “chart-topper” song and glean it’s devotional quality.  Today’s selection comes from an up-and-coming Christian group called All Sons & Daughters.

Their new EP debuted a couple of weeks ago at #5 on the Billboard top Christian albums chart.  They are touring this fall with Chris Tomlin, as well.

They are a male & female duo (something of a trend lately, i.e. Mates of State, The Weepies, Over the Rhine, The Civil Wars, and the list goes on and on) and they are church worship leaders that double as recording artists (also a big trend, i.e. Red Mountain, Sojourn, Vineyard, etc.)  The encouraging thing about All Sons & Daughters for me is that so far they have clung to their sense of original identity and authenticity, despite experiencing a quick rise to notoriety.  The beauty of Christian music really shines when people sing God’s truth without compromising their own personality and story.  Plus, the cover design on this EP is pretty cool, which is always important. 🙂

The real gem on this album is the title track, “The Longing” which is a simple and intimate love song to God about our longing for Him.  The chorus is as follows:

Love is and always was
The longing place inside my heart
To know You
And be known by You

These simple, but passionate lyrics combined with a truly beautiful vocal harmony pull at the heartstrings in a clear and powerful way.  The message of the song is that our connection with God through Christ is personal, deep and fully satisfying.  As human beings, we all ache to know and be known.  We quantify these kind of experiences as the truest measure of what love is.  No one knows us better than God Himself, and yet He accepts us, for He died in order to allow us to be with Him!

We are on a journey of getting to know Him, mentally and intimately, and that journey culminates in becoming one with Him in Heaven for all eternity.  For the true believer in Jesus and His Gospel love, this song reminds us that our religion is primarily a relationship with the One that our heart longs for more than anything else.  Nothing else will ever satisfy us like He does.  John 17 is a prayer from Jesus to His Heavenly Father about how He longs for us to be One with Him, just as He is One with His Father.

Read that chapter the whole way through, then listen to this song and connect deeply and emotionally with the truth within that your deepest longing always has been and always will be God Himself.  And then thank Him that He has promised to pursue you until the very end!

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