Symphony of Praise – Steve Green (1989, The Mission)

Click here to listen to song for free (comes with a video of nature scenes this time)

This is one of those songs that represents the reason why I started this blog.  It is proof that music indeed invigorates the devotional life like nothing else, which is the hope of my writing.  There is a reason why the Bible talks about the scene of Heaven being filled with people praising Him for all eternity.  God has created the aesthetic quality of music in order to enhance His own glory!

But before I continue gushing over this song, let me lay down a disclaimer.  This is definitely not my normal style of music.  Steve Green is extremely talented, has a great voice range, and his ministry is admirable.  But, let’s face it, this is exactly what I call “my parent’s tunes” (sorry, mom and dad).  The song is meant to resemble a symphony sound, because of its theme; but Green’s music in general is pretty far from what I normally listen to.

Nevertheless, there was no way that this song wasn’t going to crash through my framework and invade my heart like an unstoppable, uninvited force.  I think this is true because of the weight of the message of the song.   It is an overwhelming presentation of God’s marvelous work in creation combined with a commanding call to declare Him worthy of all praise and glory.

The Bible has moments like this in it as well that stun my senses when I meditate on its truth.  Revelation 5 comes to mind first and I’m confident that the writers of “Symphony of Praise” had this same text in mind.  When John sees that only Christ the Lamb is worthy of opening the scroll he then witnesses all the hosts of the heavens rising to give Him praise and call Him worthy.  This song is nothing in comparison to what that scene was really be like in Heaven, yet at the same time, it gives us a better feel for it than just words alone do.

The link to listening to the song this time goes to a youtube video that adds some nature pictures to the song.  Whether you close your eyes or watch the views as you listen, be sure to soak in the lyrics as Steven Green bellows them out with perfect pitch.  After all, our praises should ring out with skill, harmony and volume.


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